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Industrial Curtains can be utilized in any commercial space to break up spaces, increase privacy, or protect workers. At Century Signs, we have designed and installed a industrial curtains made from fabrics of a variety of textures and finishes. 

From transparent to full coverage, let our team members help you utilize your space and keep your workers and customers safe and clean.


Century Signs has developed a variety of custom fabrics as the top choice for Mountain Resort fabrics and signage in the Vancouver and Whistler areas. Our team has experience all the way from pads to mesh signage to chairlift seat cushions.

Our custom fabrics and cushions keep your workers and customers safe and comfortable, so you can focus on delivering the best experience for all.

Talk to our expert account managers today about all your resort safety fabrics and cushion requirements.


Have an idea for a custom fabric application for your business? Let our team help you make that dream a reality. Century Signs & Awnings can help with a variety of industrial fabric applications, from seat cushions to construction mesh fencing.

Contact our team today to make your industrial fabric application a reality.

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