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What Type of Signage Should I Use for My Business? A Quick Guide

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The team at Century Signs has compiled this quick guide to determine pros and cons of each exterior signage type to help you determine which sign is right for attracting customers to your business

Illuminated Channel Letters

Our Quick Exterior Sign Guide

Exterior storefront, branding, and wayfinding signs are a necessity for any business in attracting customers and ensuring you'll stand out among the crowd. Follow our quick exterior signage guide to determine which type of sign is right for you.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Channel Letters: This exterior storefront type of signage includes individual LED lit letters which can be mounted to your storefront, wall, or any freestanding structure. Channel letters are a bold method to attracting customers, especially when lit up at nighttime.

Key considerations: Eye catching display 24/7, stands out on busier streets, energy efficient LED lights, used for retail, restaurants, office buildings, banks, & more

Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional Letters: Similar to Channel Letters but without the illumination, these letters add an interesting dimension to your building or wall when illumination isn't necessary. These letters are a popular choice for both interior and exterior signage

Key considerations: Subtle and classic appearance, long lasting and weather proof, great choice for interior and exterior logos or letters or directional wayfinding

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics: Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials we work with, and can be mounted on many surfaces, including windows, walls, doors & more, for a cohesive and branded storefront design. Vinyl is an affordable solution for exterior signage when you have a blank surface.

Key Considerations: Flexible graphic for most surfaces, affordable signage option


Banners: Another cost effective option for exterior signage and branding, banners are made from vinyl, fabric or mesh material depending on your application. Banners are a great option to add additional graphic space to the storefront.

Key Considerations: Flexible and affordable, variety of applications including stadiums and schools, adds graphic space

Aluminum Sign

Aluminum & Plastic Signs: We offer a variety of metal and plastic substrates (surfaces for graphics to be mounted) which are low-cost and budget friendly. Substrates come in a large variety from temporary to permanent exterior signs.

Key Considerations: Budget friendly, customizable for any graphic, with temporary and permanent options

Storefront Awning

Awnings: Awnings are one of the most classic methods for displaying storefront graphics while also protecting your customers and building. Made from high quality fabric and expert metal fabrication, awnings are built to last.

Key Considerations: Branded, memorable, and iconic look commonly used in restaurants, cafes, offices, and hotels


Monuments: Monuments are freestanding signs typically mounted on a stone, brick, or wood base that promote and showcase your entrance. These durable signs are weatherproof and long lasting. A large variety of signs can be mounted the monument base.

Key Considerations: Distinguished look used for business park & residential entrances, long lasting

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs: Typically known as 'highway signs', these are tall and can be illuminated. These signs are generally used as a directory stationed on busy roads and highways.

Key Considerations: Promotes your business from a distance, illuminated option, often seen at shopping centers or outlets, cost effective solution

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