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Mesh fence banners, also known as fence wraps or mesh banners, are a versatile and eye-catching way to transform ordinary chain-link fences into powerful advertising and branding opportunities. These durable banners are typically made from high-quality mesh material, allowing wind to pass through and reducing the risk of damage in outdoor settings.

Types of Fence Banners

  • Mesh Fence Banners - Mesh banners are made from a perforated material that allows wind to pass through, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are commonly used for large-scale advertising and branding on fences at construction sites, events, and sports venues.

  • Vinyl Fence Banners - These are printed on opaque banner material. Vinyl banners are ideally used on Chain-link fences surrounding a construction site. They also provide the best image quality as there is no perforation in it. However, they are more prone to damage as they do not allow the wind to pass through.

  • Colored Mesh Banners - Mesh banners can come in colored options as well. These are ideally used for privacy where promotions are not required. They are cheaper as there is no print involved during production.

Mesh Fence Banner Wraps - Vancouver and Squamish (3).webp
Mesh Fence Banner Wraps - Vancouver and Squamish

Which Fence Banner is Right for You?

Mesh Banners
Vinyl Banners
Modular Fence Panels
Not Recommended
Chain-link Fence
Not Recommended
Windy Location
Not Recommended
Temporary (less than a year)
Not Recommended
Permanent (more than a year)
Not Recommended
Requires Professional Installer
Image Quality
Turnaround Time
Banner Finishing
Hem and Grommets
Rope in Hem
Installed With
Zap Straps
C-Track Channel

Common Print Size for Fence Banners

10-ft wide by 6-ft High: A 6-foot high construction fence is one of the most common sizes and offers a good balance between security and visibility. It's often used to secure construction sites in urban and suburban areas.

It's important to note that while these are common fence heights for construction sites, the length or width of the fence can vary significantly based on the site's size and layout. It is highly recommended to measure each fence that you plan to cover with graphics prior to requesting a quote.

Mesh Fence Banner Wraps - Vancouver and Squamish
Mesh Fence Banner Wraps - Vancouver and Squamish (4).webp

Why Print Mesh Banners With Us?


Multiple Locations

As a local provider in Vancouver and Squamish for over 50 years, we can print and install at any location in just a few days.


Professional Installation

Our experienced team will ensure that your mesh fence banners are securely and attractively placed regardless of the site conditions.


High Quality Prints

Crafted from durable, high-quality mesh material, our banners allow wind to pass through, reducing the risk of damage and tear.


Endless Customization

Print any graphics, image, logo, or message that reflect your unique project as our mesh fence banners are 100% customizable to your needs.

Where are Mesh Banners Used?

  • Construction Sites: Mesh fence banners are frequently used at construction sites to hide unsightly areas, enhance security, and promote the construction company or project. They can also display important safety and regulatory information.

  • Sports Events: At sporting events, mesh banners are often used to promote sponsors, display team logos, or provide branding around the venue. They are especially popular at outdoor sports facilities.

  • Outdoor Festivals and Events: These events often use mesh banners for advertising and decoration. They can be customized to showcase event sponsors, artists, or upcoming performances. front door.

  • Temporary Barriers: Mesh fence banners can serve as temporary barriers at events, public gatherings, or construction sites to control pedestrian flow and define secure areas.

A rendering of Mesh Fence Banner Wraps with a caution sign on it
Custom printed mesh banners installed on a long chain of fences

Types of Fences

  • Fixed Chain-Link Fences: also known as wire-mesh or cyclone fences, are a type of fencing made from interwoven steel wires forming a diamond-shaped pattern. These fences are widely used for permanent or long-term purposes due to their durability, affordability, and transparency.

  • Temporary Fence Panels: also known as portable fence panels or construction fence panels, are modular fencing systems designed for short-term or temporary use. These panels are a versatile solution for creating secure perimeters, controlling access, and maintaining safety and security at various locations and events.

Example of a Chain Link Fence
Example of a Temporary Modular Fence Panels

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