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What is a Light Box Sign?

A light box sign, also known as an illuminated sign or lightbox, is a type of signage that uses internal LED lighting to make the sign visible in low-light conditions or at night. It typically consists of a translucent panel, often made of acrylic or glass, with graphics, text, or images printed or etched onto the surface.

Light box signs can be single-sided or double-sided and come in various shapes and sizes to suit different applications. They are commonly used for outdoor advertising on storefronts, billboards, and signage pylons, as well as for indoor signage in retail stores, restaurants, and public spaces.

Examples of Light Box Signs in Vancouver

What Are The Different Types of Light Box Signs?

Storefront Fascia Signs

Storefront Fascia signs are a brilliant way to captivate passersby and create an unmistakable presence for your business. These light boxes, typically mounted on the exterior of your storefront, combine striking visuals with illuminated graphics or lettering, ensuring your business shines both day and night.

With customizable designs that align perfectly with your brand, fascia light box signs not only enhance visibility but also reinforce your business identity. Whether you're in Vancouver's busy downtown or up in the mountains of Whistler and Squamish, our fascia light box signs are designed to set your business apart and leave a lasting impression.

Storefront Lightbox Sign at the entrace of Edward Jones Investment in Surrey.webp

Illuminated Wall Light Boxes

Illuminated wall displays, powered by the magic of light box technology, transform ordinary walls into captivating showcases. These displays are designed to draw attention, making them perfect for businesses, galleries, and even home interiors.

Whether you're looking to spotlight your artwork, promote products, or create an inviting ambiance, illuminated wall light box displays do it all. Let us craft light box that turn your walls into works of art, radiating elegance and sophistication while telling your unique story.

Lightbox wall displays made out of a frame and fabric print.webp

Pylon Light Box Signs

Rising proudly from the ground or seamlessly integrated into architectural monuments, Pylon and Monument light box signs are designed to make a statement. Whether you want to guide visitors to your corporate headquarters, mark the entrance to a shopping center, or showcase your brand's prominence along a busy highway, pylon and monument lightbox signs are your solution.

We specialize in crafting these grandiose signs that not only announce your presence but also command attention, day or night. Let's get started on illuminating your business.

A brigtly lit lightbox Sign at night with Carwash Canada Logo on it.webp

Illuminated Blade Light Box Signs

Illuminated blade signs are a dynamic way to make your business shine on the streets. These eye-catching double sided light box signs project outward from your storefront, ensuring maximum visibility day and night. With their vibrant illumination and customizable designs, they serve as beacons, guiding customers to your door.

Make a bold statement, stand out in the crowd, and invite customers from afar with our striking illuminated blade signs.

Illuminated Lightbox Blade Sign outside Nashville Supply Retail Store at the Nashville International Airport

Custom Fabricated Light Boxes

When it comes to making your brand stand out in the vibrant city of Vancouver, there's no better way to catch the eye of potential customers than with a stunning lightbox sign. 


At Century Signs, we can help you create any shaped or size lightbox signs that suits your vision.

Custom Fabricated Lightbox signs for an event.webp


High Visibility



Energy Efficient


How Much Does a Lightbox Sign Cost?

The cost of a lightbox sign can vary widely based on several factors, including the size, complexity, materials, location, and customization options. To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific lightbox sign project, fill the form at the bottom of this page with your details and one of our experts will be able to help you out.


How Are Lightbox Signs Made?

The key components of lightbox sign include a frame which is usually made out of steel or aluminum for durability. The frame is covered by a translucent acrylic face panel that allows the light to pass through evenly. Graphics can be direct printed or applied on top using vinyl decals. Lastly, the LED strips are installed for illumination.


Where Are Lightbox Signs Used?

Lightbox signs are used in a wide range of settings and industries due to their versatility, visibility, and ability to create an eye-catching illuminated display. A few examples include Storefronts or Retail Spaces, Restaurants, Cafes, Shopping Malls, Gas Stations, Corporate Offices, and Entertainment Venues.

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