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What is a Frosted Film?

Frosted window films, also known as privacy films, offer the perfect balance of obscuring rooms while allowing natural light to filter through. With the ability to be printed on or contour cut to any shape, frosted window films provide endless options for customizing your space.

From symmetric patterns, branded logos to unique imagery, these privacy films enable you to create professional environments. Ideal for both commercial and residential settings, explore the diverse range of frosted films available and let us assist you in adding elegance to your space, anywhere in Greater Vancouver






What Are the Different Types of Frosted Films?

Patterned Privacy Films

In Vancouver and Squamish, patterned frosted window films reign as the top choice for privacy solutions. These window films boast uniformly distributed patterns, frequently featuring symmetrical shapes. They offer a stylish means of enhancing your office rooms, boardrooms, or lobby area while managing privacy levels effectively.

Arrow Patterned Privacy Film in an office Vancouver
Patterned Frosted Vinyl on Window Glass
Subtle Privacy Film with uniform patterns
Home Privacy Film with hexagon shapes
Privacy film for clinic and hospitals in Vancouver

Custom Privacy Films

You can contour-cut frosted window films to any shape or design you desire. This option is favored by both commercial and residential clients, as it seamlessly integrates the privacy film with existing decor. It also serves as an excellent choice for incorporating branding elements or labeling office rooms on your window films.

Ritchie Brothers Office Window Privacy Film in Vancouver
Custom Privacy Film for Offices with a grass pattern
Window privacy film for office meeting room

Blank Frosted Windows

Opting for blank frosted window films is the quickest and most cost-effective method of enhancing privacy in your space. With no need for contour cutting or printing, simply provide us with the measurements of the windows requiring privacy film, and we'll take care of the rest. It's best recommended when privacy is prioritized over style.

Multiple Offices covered in privacy film
Partially Covered windows with frosted vinyl for privacy
A quiet room's windows covered in privacy film in Vancouver
Standard Frosted Vinyl on the windows of an office
Printed leaves on a frosted vinyl

Printed Frosted Films

Take your window privacy to the next level by incorporating color and imagery through printed frosted film. The translucent and etched qualities of frosted film lend a faded, almost antique appearance to prints. You can adjust the vibrancy by fine-tuning the levels of white ink, giving you control over the final look.

Printed Leaf Pattern on Privacy Film in Vancouver
Partial Privacy Film with printed graphics in an office
Wavy printed pattern on frosted vinyl for an office room

Where Are Frosted Window Films Used?

Retail Storefront Privacy Film

Retail Stores

Frosted window films are often applied to the storefront windows and doors for:

  • Listing operating hours

  • Displaying your logo and tagline

  • Promoting new products or services

Office Privacy Film

Office Space

Privacy window films are used in office space to create:

  • Privacy for meeting rooms

  • Partition off workstations

  • Branding in the lobby area

Residential privacy patterned film


Frosted films are popular for residential space when it comes to:

  • Adding privacy in bathroom windows and grass doors

  • Creating privacy in the living room, while still allowing light to pass through

  • Covering entry door and sidelights

Frosted Vinyl with GYM cut out of it

Public Spaces

Privacy films are an excellent architectural application for various public spaces such as:

  • Hotels: used in lobbies, hallways, and guest rooms for privacy and decorative purposes

  • Hospitals & Clinics: applied to windows in patient rooms, waiting area, and offices

  • Gyms: contour cut frosted films are the most common way of covering street facing windows

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