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Illuminated Channel Letters and Circular Signs at night at the entrance of The Brick in La


What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are 3D signage most commonly used for business branding. They feature individually crafted letters, numbers, or shapes made out of metal or plastic. These signs are internally illuminated for visibility day and night, using LED lights. Channel Letters offer customization options and are durable for outdoor use, making them popular for businesses storefront seeking visibility and brand recognition.

How Are Channel Letter Signs Made?

Channel letter signs are typically made through a fabrication process involving several steps:

  1. Design: You start with creating the layout and specifications for the sign, including the choice of font, size, color, and type of illumination.

  2. Material: Based on the design, the appropriate materials are selected that are primarily made out of aluminum returns (sides or shape) typically in 3" or 5" depth, acrylic faces, and LEDs for illumination.

  3. Fabrication: In this stage, the chosen material are cut, bent, welded, and conformed to create the individual letters or shapes.

  4. Painting: Channel Letters are often painted or finished to brand colors to help enhance the appearance of the sign.

  5. Assembly: The final stage includes installing the LED lighting inside the channel letters and mounting the letters to a raceway or backer panel.

What Type of Channel Letters Are There?

Custom Channel Letter sign at Fresh St. Market.webp

Frontlit Channel Letters

As the name suggests, Frontlit Channel Letters are illuminated on the front (face of the sign). They are the most common type of Channel Letter Signs. These letters typically feature an acrylic face, trim cap, aluminum returns, and an aluminum back.

Backlit (Halo Lit) Channel Letters

Backlit Channel Letters are illuminated from the backside, directing light towards the backboard or wall behind the sign. While both frontlit and backlit channel letters appear similar during the day, the distinction becomes evident at night. Backlit signs produce a silhouette of the sign with a surrounding halo created by LED lights.

Billies House storefront LED Sign that is backlit.
Front & Back Lit Channel Letters - Vancouver

Backlit and Frontlit Channel Letters

Have you considered a sign featuring red illuminated faces and a blue halo effect? If so, both front and back lit channel letters are the perfect choice! These signs seamlessly blend both styles for a unique and eye-catching display.

Marquees Style Channel Letters

Marquee Styled Channel Letters evoke the classic charm of vintage marquee signs. These letters typically feature bold, dimensional shapes with exposed bulbs or LED lights outlining each letter, reminiscent of old-fashioned theater marquees. They offer a nostalgic aesthetic that adds character and flair to any signage display.

Illuminated Storefront Sign and Patterned Wallpaper at the new TXMX restaurant at Nashvill
Meiga Supermarket LED Storefront Signs at night in Port Moody

See Other LED Signs Available

Channel Letters are just one of the LED sign options available to you. We specialize in crafting a variety of signage solutions, including lightbox signs, Acrylic LED Letters, illuminated Awnings, Faux Neon signs, and much more.

How Much Do Channel Letters Cost?

Each channel letter sign we offer is custom-made, reflecting the extensive array of factors influencing its composition. These factors include letter height, stroke thickness, font style, return depth, return thickness, return color, back thickness, mounting type, face color, trim cap color, trim cap thickness, and more. Considering the substantial amount of materials and labor involved in crafting each sign, the cost typically ranges in the thousands of dollars.

How Are Channel Letter Signs Installed?

Raceway Mount

Raceways are metal "box" or "bars" that contain the electrical wiring and power supply for individual letters in a sign. They help streamline installation by reducing the number of wall penetrations required, which is often appreciated by landlords. Typically, raceways are painted to match the color of the building facade or sign band.

Direct Mount or Flush Mount

If appearance is key, then a direct mount installation is likely your preference. In this method, the letters are affixed directly (or sometimes with standoffs) to the building facade using a pattern, employing non-corrosive fasteners. In direct mounted channel letters, the power source and electrical wiring are concealed behind the bulkhead wall or facade.

Backer Mount

The backer mount involves attaching channel letters to a larger metal backer panel instead of metal bars. This panel is typically larger in height and width than the channel letter configuration. The power supply and wiring can be housed either inside the backer cabinet or behind the bulkhead wall or facade.

Century Signs installation team installing Raceway Channel Letters at Convoy Supply.webp

What Are The Benefits of Channel Letters?



Channel letters offer high visibility both during the day and at night due to their three-dimensional design and internal illumination helping attract attention.



Constructed from durable materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and LED lighting, channel letters are built to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their appearance over time.



Channel letters can be customized in terms of size, font, color, and lighting method to align with a business's branding and aesthetic preferences. 



LED lighting used in channel letters is highly energy-efficient, consuming less power compared to traditional lighting methods such as neon or fluorescent tubes, helping contribute towards your sustainability efforts.



Channel letters convey a sense of professionalism and credibility to customers making them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a strong impression. 



Consistent use of channel letters across multiple locations becomes synonymous with the business that helps reinforce brand recognition and awareness among potential customers. 

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