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For over 50 years, we have stitched and sewn it all.

Welcome to our world of industrial fabric solutions, where craftsmanship meets durability, and innovation meets tradition. With over 50 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, we proudly serve Vancouver and Squamish as your trusted source for a diverse range of industrial products.


From versatile industrial curtains that redefine workspace organization to precision-crafted seat cushions and padding that enhance comfort and safety, our expertise in custom stitching and fabric solutions has stood the test of time. Explore the ingenuity and quality that have become synonymous with our brand, and discover how we can elevate your industrial needs to new heights.

Customized for Your Needs

Industrial Curtains

When it comes to industrial curtains, precision and quality are at the forefront of our operation. With decades of experience serving Vancouver and Squamish, we've honed our manufacturing process to perfection.


Our dedicated team of experts meticulously crafts each industrial curtain, ensuring it meets your unique specifications and industry standards. We take pride in utilizing top-grade materials that not only withstand the toughest industrial environments but also provide exceptional longevity, delivering cost-effective solutions.​

Seat Cushions and Paddings

Our expertise in industrial stitching extends beyond curtains to crafting seat cushions and paddings tailored for a wide range of applications, including chairlifts, gondolas, and restaurant seating. We create cushions and paddings that not only ensure comfort and safety but also withstand the rigors of daily use in these diverse environments.


Whether it's designing ergonomic chairlift seats for ski resorts, crafting stylish and durable restaurant seating solutions, or enhancing passenger comfort in gondolas, our industrial stitching capabilities guarantee superior quality and longevity, making us the preferred choice for seating solutions in Vancouver, Squamish, and beyond.​

Mountain Resort Safety Products

Our stitched padding solutions provide a crucial layer of safety around posts, poles, and any other hard structures that could pose risks on the slopes.


Crafted with precision, these durable pads are not only highly visible but also impact-absorbent, minimizing the potential for injuries in the event of collisions or accidents. Whether it's safeguarding chairlift supports, boundary markers, or other hazard-prone areas, our stitched padding solutions blend seamlessly into the mountain environment while prioritizing the safety of those who traverse it.​

Other Industrial Products

From pool shades that provide respite from the sun's heat to heavy-duty tarps that safeguard equipment and materials, our range of offerings encompasses versatility and durability. Whether you require shading, protection, or coverage solutions, our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is a constant.