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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Storefront LED Sign

Illuminated signs play a crucial role in attracting attention to your business and enhancing visibility, especially during the evening. Choosing the right type of illuminated sign involves understanding the various options available and aligning them with your business needs, location, and budget. In this guide, we'll explore different types of illuminated signs, the installation process, timelines, and budget considerations.

Types of Illuminated Storefront Signs

1. Channel Letters:

- 3D letters that are facelit (or frontlit) with internal LED illumination.

- Ideal for businesses with a recognizable logo or brand name.

- Customizable in terms of font, color, and size.

- Made from aluminum and acrylic, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather elements.

- Ensures visibility even during nighttime, enhancing your business's 24/7 presence.

Popeyes store in snowy weather with illuminated storefront LED channel Letter Sign

2. Push Thru Letters:

- Acrylic letters with translucent faces and LED lights behind protruding (pushing) through a box.

- Suitable for businesses aiming for a modern and sleek look.

- Works well for intricate logos and designs.

- Offers a three-dimensional effect, adding depth and visual interest to your storefront signage.

Gulch Goods Push Thru Letter LED Storefront Sign at the Nashville International Airport

3. Backlit Signs:

- The entire sign is illuminated from behind, creating a halo effect.

- Offers a contemporary and eye-catching appearance.

- Great for businesses seeking a bold and impactful presence.

- Suitable for a variety of materials and designs, allowing for creative freedom in design.

A night photo of Billies House in Vancouver showcasing their Backlit Storefront Sign

4. Lightbox:

- A box-like structure with translucent panels and internal illumination.

- Distribute light evenly across the entire surface, creating a consistent and visually appealing glow.

- Versatile and often used for storefronts.

- Often easier to install than some other illuminated options, reducing both installation time and costs.

- Graphics can be easily changed without significant cost.

A storefront view of Pro Health Natural with the focus on their lightbox sign

5. Marquee Style Faux Neon Signs:

- Mimics the appearance of traditional neon signs using LED technology.

- Offers a retro aesthetic without the drawbacks of traditional neon.

- Energy-efficient and customizable in various colors.

- Attracts attention and stands out, making it easy for passersby to notice your business.

Marquee Style Channel Letter sign with Faux Neon Tubing at Fat Bottom Brewing inside the Nashville International Airport

6. Marquee Style LED Bulb Signs:

   - Features a vintage marquee-style design with exposed bulbs.

   - Open styles marquee signs often allow for customizable bulb arrangements and colors.

   - Suitable for businesses with a retro or artistic theme.

Marquee Style Open Channel Letter sign with LED Bulbs at TXMX Nashville

Choosing the Right Type of LED Sign for Your Business

Brand Image:

If brand image is the most important factor, custom channel letters, push thru letters, and backlit logo would be excellent choices for LED signs. These options provide a 3D effect, allowing for high customization in terms of font, color, and size to match your brand guidelines.

Flexibility and Cost-Effective:

Lightbox signs offer a range of benefits, including versatility in design, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and enhanced visibility. Their adaptability to changing graphics and energy-efficient illumination make them a practical and attractive choice for businesses

Stand Out From The Rest

Marquee style signs provide a unique and charming option for businesses, especially those aiming to create a nostalgic or themed atmosphere. The eye-catching design, customizable elements, and distinctive presence make marquee signs an excellent choice for entertainment venues or any business looking to stand out with a touch of classic charm.

Steps Involved in Getting a Storefront Sign Made

1. Site Analysis:

- Assess the location, visibility, and any restrictions imposed by local authorities.

2. Design and Conceptualization:

- Work with a professional designer to create a sign that aligns with your brand and business goals.

3. Engineering and Permits:

- Obtain necessary sign permits and engineered drawings for approval from local authorities.

4. Fabrication and Assembly:

- Choose a sign company capable of in-house fabrication, ensuring quality control.

5. Installation:

- Professional installation to ensure the sign is secure and complies with local regulations.

Delegating the various services to different vendors can be both expensive and time-consuming. Ideally, opting for an all-in-one sign company like Century Signs to manage your project from start to finish is a more efficient solution. This approach not only saves you time and money but also ensures compliance with all city bylaws and regulations.

How Long Does it Take To Get a Storefront LED Sign?

The timeline for completing a storefront sign can range from one to two months, depending on various factors. Simpler designs, straightforward installations, and easy compliance with city bylaws can expedite the process, potentially shortening the timeframe for completion.

How Much Does a Storefront LED Sign Cost?

The cost of a storefront sign in Vancouver can vary widely based on several factors such as size, materials, design complexity, and installation requirements.

On average, illuminated storefront signs cost atleast a few thousand dollars ($2,000+). Due to their complexity, materials and labor invovled, plus installation, storefront signs will be one of your most expensive branding investments. Having said that, the long-term benefits and energy effeciency or an LED sign far outways its initial investment.

High Visibility:

LED signs provide excellent visibility, ensuring your storefront is noticeable even in low-light conditions that we so often experience in Vancouver. This enhanced visibility can attract more customers, contributing to long-term business success.

Modern and Attractive Appearance:

LED signs provide a modern, sleek appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your storefront. This contemporary look contributes to a positive and lasting impression on customers.

Increased Customer Engagement:

The high visibility and dynamic capabilities of LED signs can attract more attention from potential customers. This increased engagement can lead to higher foot traffic and, consequently, improved business revenue in the long term.


Choosing the right illuminated sign involves a careful balance of aesthetics, functionality, and budget considerations. Collaborating with a reputable sign company that offers design, engineering, fabrication, and installation services is crucial for a smooth and successful outcome. By understanding the options available and following a structured process, you can ensure that your illuminated sign effectively represents your business and attracts the attention it deserves.

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