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Nashville Supply and Gulch Goods

Drop 2 of 6 - Custom Signage at the Nashville International Airport

Project Overview

We are thrilled and delighted to unveil our most significant accomplishment of 2023 – the comprehensive signage package for multiple retail and concession stores situated within the recently inaugurated terminal at the Nashville International Airport, known as The Satellite Concourse. We take immense pride in contributing to the aesthetic and functional appeal of these renowned venues, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

This cutting-edge terminal not only provides travelers with a state-of-the-art experience but also introduces them to some of Nashville's beloved establishments, including:

  1. Nashville Supply Co. and Gulch Goods

Explore our work for each establishment by clicking on the corresponding links above.

About Nashville Supply Co.

Nashville Supply Co is a haven for travelers seeking authentic Music City treasures. This carefully curated retail destination showcases a blend of contemporary style and local charm, offering an array of unique apparel, accessories, and souvenirs. From timeless fashion pieces to one-of-a-kind keepsakes, Nashville Supply Co. encapsulates the spirit of the city, allowing visitors to carry a piece of Nashville with them wherever their journey takes them.

About Gulch Goods

Gulch Goods is a boutique destination that celebrates the intersection of style and local culture. This unique retail space captures the essence of Nashville's trendy Gulch district, offering a curated selection of fashion-forward apparel, accessories, and lifestyle goods.

Our Work

1x LED Storefront Sign

  • Size: 137”w x 12”h

  • Fabrication: 3” Thick Channel Letters with white illuminated white acrylic face. Opaque returns painted to match the color.

  • Installed: Mounted directly to the bulkhead.

2x Push-Thru LED Storefront Signs (6ft x 1.5ft)

  • Size: 72”w x 18”h

  • Fabrication: 1” Thick Acrylic Letters with an opaque brushed brass metal  face and white semi-translucent sides. Internally illuminated.

  • Installed: Mounted flush to the store front fascia

2x Blade Signs

  • Size: 24”w x 18”h 

  • Fabrication: 4” deep Internally illuminated double sided lightbox sign. Aluminum perimeter and frame anodized to match stainless steel with ½” push thru translucent white acrylic Letters and white vinyl graphics. Both the face and and returns are illuminated

  • Installed: Mounted to the storefront with concealed hardware.

4x Custom Printed and Laminated Wall Graphics

  • 1 @ 43ft x 12ft

  • 1 @ 38ft x 12ft

  • 1 @ 30ft x 12ft

  • 1 @ 25ft x 12ft

1x Dimensional Letter Sign

  • Size: 80” x 30”

  • Fabrication: ½” thick acrylic, painted to match their brand.

  • Installed: Flush to the wall

4x Fixture Signs

  • Size: Various

  • Print: ¼” Sintra Board with full color printed vinyl graphics wrapped all around.

  • Installed: Mounted directly to the top of the fixture openings


Nashville International Airport


Retail, Airport


LED Signs, Lightbox Signs, Blade Sign, Dimensional Letters, Wall Graphics


Fabrication, Print, Install


Nashville Supply Co and Gulch Goods


Nov 2023


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