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Popeyes Franchise

Branding Brilliance: Stunning Signage, Delicious Chicken

We've had the privilege of producing and installing captivating signage for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen across multiple locations in British Columbia and Alberta for the past 4 years. Our mission has been to create striking, durable, and highly visible signs that would not only reinforce the brand identity of Popeyes but also provide a warm invitation to diners across these beautiful Canadian provinces.

Locations in Birtish Columbia:

  • Vancouver (x3 Stores)

  • Abbotsford (x3 Stores)

  • Surrey (x2 Stores)

  • Langley

  • Willowbrook

  • Burnaby

  • Port Coquitlam

  • Mission

  • West Vancouver

  • Chilliwack

  • Richmond

  • UBC

Locations in Alberta:

  • Calgary (x3 Stores)

  • Okotoks

  • Coachrane

Types of Signage:

  • LED Channel Letters: Our LED channel letters brought the Popeyes logo to life, with vibrant, energy-efficient illumination that captivated passersby.

  • Dimensional Letters: To create a distinctive identity for each Popeyes location, we crafted dimensional letters that showcased the restaurant's name and various promotional messages.

  • Parking Lot Signs: Clear, informative, and easily visible, these signs guide hungry customers to available parking spaces and ensure a hassle-free dining experience.

  • Drive-Thru Lightboxes: At the drive-thru, we installed eye-catching lightboxes to make ordering easier at any time of day.

Project Highlights:

  • Brand Consistency: Our team ensured that the signage adhered to Popeyes' brand guidelines, maintaining consistency across all locations.

  • Durability: Each sign was built to withstand the challenging Canadian weather conditions, ensuring long-term performance and value.

  • Local Expertise: With our knowledge of local regulations and conditions in BC and Alberta, we delivered signs that perfectly suited the area's unique requirements.

  • Enhanced Visibility: The LED lighting and bold designs of our signs significantly improved Popeyes' visibility, attracting more customers.

We're proud of our contribution to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen's expansion and success in British Columbia and Alberta, and we look forward to more exciting projects in the future. If you're considering a signage project of your own, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can bring your vision to life with our expertise and commitment to excellence.


Across BC and Alberta


Restaurant, Franchise


LED Signs, Dimensional Letters, Wayfinding Signage, Parking Lot Signs, Pylon Signs


Print, Fabricate, Install


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc


2019 - Present


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