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Stongs Market Squamish

Beautiful blue storefront signage at Stong's Market newest location in downtown Squamish.

Once again, we're diving into our passion: designing signage for a fresh store. Our latest venture finds us in the vibrant heart of Squamish, where Stong's Market has unveiled its newest establishment. Crafting the bold blue branding was an absolute pleasure. From the eye-catching LED sign adorning the storefront to the intricately designed interior 3D lettering, every detail seamlessly integrates with Squamish's breathtaking natural backdrop. If you find yourself in the area, we highly encourage paying them a visit; their diverse product range surpasses that of your typical grocery store.

About Stong's Market

Stong's Market has a storied history in Vancouver, dating back to 1910 when Carson Stong opened the first Stong's store in the Dunbar neighborhood. Initially a small market, it quickly gained a reputation for quality products and personalized service. Over the years, Stong's has expanded and evolved, adapting to the changing needs of its community. Despite facing challenges such as economic downturns and competition from larger chains, Stong's has remained resilient, focusing on its core values of integrity, quality, and community engagement. Today, Stong's Market continues to thrive, with multiple locations across Vancouver, offering a diverse range of products and services while staying true to its roots as a 100% locally-owned and operated business. Our Work




Retail, Franchise


LED Signs, Awnings, Parking Lot Signs, Window Graphics, Dimensional Letters


Fabricate, Print, Install, Sign Permit


Stong's Market


Mar 2024


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