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The New Meiga Supermarket

A mega collection of beautiful interior and exterior signage at the newest addition to Asian Supermarkets in Vancouver.

It was an absolute pleasure in the creation and installation of both interior and exterior signage for the inaugural Meiga Supermarket in Vancouver. The captivating fusion of green and orange hues from the branding was artfully incorporated into diverse signage and graphics, contributing to a warm and inviting atmosphere enriched with cultural motifs that brought the entire aesthetic together seamlessly.

About Meiga Supermarket

Unveiling its inaugural establishment in Port Moody, Meiga Supermarket, aptly translated from its Chinese name (美萬家), which conveys the essence of a "beautiful family," promises a shopping experience like no other. Meiga is dedicated to providing top-tier Asian products within an environment that encourages exploration, featuring a curated selection of authentic and exclusively sourced items for their customers' everyday needs.

Beyond the standard offerings of fresh produce and meats, Meiga Supermarket boasts an open kitchen where an enticing array of ready-to-serve hot foods awaits. From Chinese take-away specialties and Cantonese BBQ to hot pot, sushi, a tempting bakery, and a rejuvenating juice bar, Meiga ensures a diverse and delectable culinary journey for its patrons.

Our Work

  • LED Illuminated Channel Letters Storefront Sign

  • Exterior Signbands (Storefront Lightbox Signs)

  • Dimensional Department Signs

  • Over 200 feet long Signband inside the store

  • Galvanized Metal Bulkhead Signs

  • Double-sided Hanging Aisle Signs

  • Cooler and Department Header Signs

  • Double-sided Hanging Banners

  • Hot Food Menu Boards


Port Moody


Retail, Franchise


Banners, Dimensional Letters, Pylon Signs, Window Graphics, Hanging Sign, Wall Graphics, LED Signs, Menu Boards


Fabricate, Install, Sign Permit


Meiga Supermarket


Feb 2024


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